Tuesday, July 17, 2012

White Sox 7 Red Sox 5: Welcome Back, Humber

There are two different Phil Humbers. There's the one that we saw quite a bit of before Phil went on the disabled list, posting an 8.22 ERA in his last three starts before sitting with an elbow problem.

That's the Phil Humber we tend to see when the curveball isn't working for him. Imagine that, for three starts he couldn't get his curve over if his life depended on it, and then he hit the DL with an elbow issue.

Then there was the Humber Sox fans saw Tuesday night.

After a slow start in the first inning in which he quickly gave a 2-0 lead back to Boston while knocking the rust off, Humber settled in. He used his curveball not only to keep hitters off balance, but for strikes as well.

In fact, whether it was his curveball, fastball, or his changeup tonight, he was throwing everything for strikes. For the second straight night a White Sox starter didn't allow a single walk. Neither did the bullpen, though Matt Thornton showed his support for Leyson Septimo by allowing 3 runs during the eighth inning.

Of course, what really helped the pitching staff tonight was that, unlike last night, the White Sox offense offered support. Kevin Youkilis' FU 3-run homer in the fourth served as main course, but Alejandro De Aza broke out of a funk to drive in 2 runs and Paul Konerko had 2 hits and an RBI as well.

Oh, and Adam Dunn stole a base. Frankly it's about damn time he got his speed game going again.

Hopefully Pedro Hernandez can continue the trend of White Sox starters defying my expectations when he makes his first career start tomorrow night.


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  1. Pedro Hernandez gon' get blowed up real bad 2nite.......


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