Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Sox 4 Twins 3: AJ Got A Piece Of Shit And Hit It

If you've ever wondered why opposing players hate AJ Pierzynski so much, you got a hint of it on Tuesday night. After being drilled in the shoulder -- the fourth White Sox to be hit by a pitch in two games -- with two outs, Pierzynski came around to score on a bloop single by Alexei Ramirez.

It was an important run to tie the game at 2-2 after the Twins took the lead the inning before. After crossing the plate he stopped to high-five Alejandro De Aza and what he said to De Aza was picked up on the field microphones.

"Let's go! Get that piece of shit!"

That piece of shit being Nick Blackburn.

The Sox would not get that piece of shit, as Blackburn handled Sox hitters all night. Instead, in the top of the ninth, AJ would get another piece of shit.

After an Alex Rios single, AJ took a pitch from former Sox Jeff Gray and hit his second home run in as many nights to give the Sox a 4-2 lead. It wasn't the piece of shit he was looking for, but a piece of shit is a piece of shit, and the piece of shit itself doesn't mean as much as the result of that shit.

Addison Reed would close the door in the ninth but not before allowing a run and making things interesting, as he is wont to do.

As for Francisco Liriano in his first start with the Sox, it was pretty nice. Things got bad in the sixth inning when he had run out of gas and his changeup was dropping too fast, leading to a couple of walks, roughly 90 infield singles, a bad throw by Paulie, and 2 runs for the Twins.

All in all it was a pretty good night. Liriano allowed only 4 hits in 6 innings and had 8 strikeouts. The 4 walks were problematic, but we're probably going to have to get used to that from Liriano.

Coming into the night he had 109 strikeouts and 55 walks. He's pretty much as 2-to-1 as it gets when it comes to strikeout to walk ratio.

The Sox will look to win the series tomorrow afternoon, and at the moment Detroit is currently losing to Boston 4-1 but that game has been in a rain delay for a few hours. So the Sox will either have a 2.5 game lead when play starts Wednesday, or a 1.5 game lead. Either way, they don't give up ground tonight.


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