Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Sox 2 Royals 1: Robin Ventura Doesn't Care What I Think

So, yesterday, following the Sox loss to Kansas City I made a plea to Robin Ventura about the way he handled Jake Peavy during the game by letting him start the eighth inning even though he was already well over 100 pitches, and leaving Peavy in even after he gave up a couple hits to start the inning.

On Sunday Ventura showed how much he respected my feelings by doing the exact same thing with Chris Sale.

Now, luckily for Ventura, the Sox and my blood pressure, things worked out. I didn't so much mind that Sale started the eighth as much as I took exception to Ventura sending him out there at 104 pitches with nobody even throwing in the bullpen.

But when Alcides Escobar lined a single to center followed by another line drive to right by Billy Butler, only then did Ventura even get Nate Jones up and throwing. When Lorenzo Cain smoked another line drive to left field that was right at Dayan Viciedo, still Ventura didn't consider removing Sale.

Chris then got Yuniesky Betancourt to hit a weak grounder back to him to start a 1-4-3 double play to get out of the inning.

Luck won out over logic.

All in all, this has not been a series where I've been pleased with Robin's bullpen management. I was upset with the way he handled the bullpen in Friday night's loss but that was before the game went to extra innings, and it got lost in the sheer exhaustion just from watching that game.

I know that he has to be hesitant to go to the pen considering how many rookies are out there, but they're on the roster. You need to use them.

Particularly now that you might be without Gavin Floyd for a while.

Overworking Jake Peavy and Chris Sale isn't going to make things better for anybody.

Also, I'd like to stop writing "game recaps" that are solely about your bullpen decisions.

Just to make this more "recap-y," Adam Dunn homered for the third straight game.



  1. Thank you. Just because it worked out, that doesn't mean leaving Sale in was the right call.

  2. Totally agree I was yelling in my house about how this was exactly what he did last night and how did that work out. I agree that they got lucky. The entire series was not managed real well in terms of the bullpen, but I assume that is what you get with a million rookies out there. As I said the other day it makes it even more necessary to add a veteran via trade before the deadline.


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