Thursday, July 5, 2012

White Sox 2 Rangers 1: Have A Commemorative Broom, Texas

We're halfway through the season now, and up until this point, no matter how well the White Sox have played, I've refused to completely buy in.

That's no longer the case.

I'll probably regret this at some point, but after seeing the White Sox sweep the Rangers -- a team that is widely considered to be the best team in baseball, and for very good reason -- I'm officially expecting this team to make the playoffs now. Anything less will be a disappointment.

The White Sox were the first team to sweep the Rangers this season, which means there's only one team left in baseball that hasn't been swept in a series this season.

That team is the White Sox.

What's truly amazing to me about the way this team is played is how this roster seems to be held together with paper clips and rubber bands. There's been a revolving door at third base all season that finally seems to be stopped thanks to Kevin Youkilis.

There's also the bullpen that is pretty much 45 rookies and Matt Thornton.

Then there's Jose Quintana, who has come out of no where and been absolutely magnificent. After Quintana's last start against the Yankees I was thinking that the "beginner's luck" that Quintana had been experiencing was starting to wear off.

So he responds by going out and holding the best offense in baseball to 2 hits over 8 innings.

He came out of no where to fill in for John Danks while he was on the disabled list, and now I  don't see any way in which Quintana leaves this starting rotation. Frankly, if I were to set a playoff rotation right now it would be Chris Sale, Jake Peavy, Jose Quintana and then Gavin Floyd.

He's just been that impressive.

As has this team, and I hope both continue to be over the final 80 games.


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  1. The one thing that is still holding me back from going 'All In' as it were, is the thought that the success of the young pitchers will be short lived due to the lack of scouting that was done on them in the first place. As they pitch more, and teams consequentially see more video of them, they might fall back to earth a bit.

    But until then...WHITE SOX 2012: WE AIN'T CARE


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