Tuesday, July 3, 2012

White Sox 19 Rangers 2: Fireworks Come A Night Early

Man, that was an old fashioned ass-whooping.

The White Sox hit 3 home runs in the first inning off of Roy Oswalt, scoring 4 runs and I joked on Twitter that the Sox were on pace for 36 runs on the night.

Well, they got over halfway there.

The only starter not to get a hit was Gordon Beckham, but Gordon only got 3 at bats before Robin brought in the entire bench to finish the game.

Of course, even after the Sox brought in the bence they still managed to tack on another 3 runs.

There really isn't much to say about the offense tonight other than LOL HOLY CRAP so that's what I'll say about it. LOL, HOLY CRAP.

Then there was Chris Sale, who on a night where the temperature was in the 90s and the ball was jumping out of the park managed to keep the best offense in baseball in check all night. He allowed only 1 run in 7.1 innings, but that run he was charged with didn't score while he was on the mound.

I have a feeling that if Sale had a chance to finish the eighth -- not that he should have been out there past the sixth -- that run never scores.

Either way, the only other pitcher in the American League right now that you can argue is better than Sale is Justin Verlander. That's it. He's basically been the pitcher White Sox fans dreamed he could be when the Sox announced he'd be moving to the starting rotation before the season.

And I mean the dream that is not supposed to be realistic at all. He's 10-2 with a 2.19 and could conceivably be the starting pitcher for the American League in the All Star Game next week.

After all, he did just dominate the Texas Rangers in front of the manager who will be deciding the starter for the game. Personally I'd rather Sale pitched on Sunday and wasn't available for the All Star Game, but I won't deny it'd be nice to see a Sox pitcher starting it.


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  1. I didn't understand Robin taking out Sale, having pitched under 100 pitches, with a runner he was responsible for on base. Oh well, it doesn't matter.


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