Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 16 Pitchers Poll: Sale Losing Velocity Here As Well

Yeah, I have no idea what's happening here either
For just about the entire season Jake Peavy and Chris Sale have been swapping first place with every start they make. That's no longer the case.

Chris Sale's lack of velocity in his last few starts has been obvious, and he's starting to lose velocity in the Pitchers Poll as well. Should he skip a start or two over the coming weeks, we'll probably be able to just hand the 2012 title to Jake Peavy.

I mean, unless Gavin Floyd gets his shit together, and yeah, let's just hand the 2012 title to Jake Peavy.
1Jake Peavy 211 1 12
2Chris Sale 196 2 4
3Gavin Floyd 133 3 3
4Jose Quintana 97 4 3
5Phil Humber 76 5 10
6Matt Thornton 68 66
7Addison Reed 62 72
8Nate Jones59 8 3
9Hector Santiago 50 9 2
10Jesse Crain 42 10 2
11Dylan Axelrod 37 11 0
12John Danks 34 12 0
13Zach Stewart 21 130
14Will Ohman 10 14 0
15Brett Myers 7 206
15Eric Stults 7 150
17Donnie Veal 5 160
17Leyson Septimo 5 183
19Brian Omogrosso  4 170
20Brian Bruney 2 180
21Jhan Marinez 0 210
22Pedro Hernandez -4 220
Getting only 10 points in a week from Gavin Floyd, Chris Sale and Jose Quintana combined isn't exactly a winning formula. Particularly when Phil Humber manages 10 points in his only start. A start against the Rangers.

Yeah, the offense has been able to cover a lot of it recently, but the truth is that Sox pitchers just aren't pitching all that well right now. So no matter how many times Hawk tells you Gavin had a great start in Texas that was ruined by the team's defense, just know that Gavin Floyd's start was no where near great.

He got 2 points from it. If Gavin Floyd's "great" start is worth 2 points, then Phil Humber's start against the Rangers has to be one of the top five pitched games in baseball history.

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