Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 16 Hitters Poll: Alex Rios Rules The World

Alex Rios rules the world and he also rules the hitters poll.

It hasn't mattered how well Adam Dunn or Paul Konerko have done, Rios just continues to match or exceed both of them, keeping the gap exactly where it's been at since the end of June.

Rios is the only Sox player who has reached 400 points this season, and unless he has a monster week that we just haven't seen from anybody this season, it's going to be two weeks before Dunn or Konerko breaks the 400 point mark.
1Alex Rios 405 1 36
2Adam Dunn352 3 39
3Paul Konerko 349 2 26
4Alejandro De Aza 332 4 24
5A.J. Pierzynski 299 5 9
6Alexei Ramirez 280 634
7Gordon Beckham 251 711
8Dayan Viciedo248 8 24
9Kevin Youkilis 128 9 25
10Orlando Hudson 53 10 0
11Eduardo Escobar 45 11 7
12Brent Morel33 12 0
13Tyler Flowers  19 13 1
14Brent Lillibridge 18 13 0
14Kosuke Fukudome  18 13 0
16Jordan Danks 13 16 3
As you can see, it was a pretty good offensive week. The Sox scored 39 runs in the seven games since our last rankings, and it shows in the point differentials.

Every regular not named AJ Pierzynski reached double digits, and all except for Gordon Beckham had at least 20 points.

Hell, things were so good this week that even Eduardo Escobar scored 7 points...and was immediately traded. Kenny's selling high!

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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