Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 15 Pitchers Poll: How Many Damn Pitchers Will I Have To Add To This Thing?

Seriously, every week I'm adding another pitcher to this poll. This week, however, I had to add more names than ever before.

Last week's Pitchers Poll had 19 pitchers. This week's had 22, as I had to add Donnie "BABYMEAT" Veal, Pedro Hernandez and Brett Myers. Where do they fall in the rankings along with everyone else?

Well, as always, only one way to find out.

1Jake Peavy 199 1 9
2Chris Sale 192 2 3
3Gavin Floyd 130 3 2
4Jose Quintana 94 4 10
5Phil Humber 66 6 4
6Matt Thornton 62 5-2
7Addison Reed 60 74
8Nate Jones56 8 1
9Hector Santiago 48 9 7
10Jesse Crain 40 10 1
11Dylan Axelrod 37 11 -1
12John Danks 34 12 0
13Zach Stewart 21 130
14Will Ohman 10 14 0
15Eric Stults 7 150
16Donnie Veal 5 NA5
17Brian Omogrosso  4 172
18Brian Bruney 2 160
18Leyson Septimo 2 181
20Brett Myers 1 NA1
21Jhan Marinez 0 190
22Pedro Hernandez -4 NA-4

Not a whole lot of changes other than Phil Humber coming back and climbing back in front of Matt Thornton to make sure no Sox relievers are ahead of the current Sox starters. Of course, that wasn't as much Humber as it was #ThorntonLuck, but Phil did have a good night in Boston before going in his pants against Detroit.

The week's biggest scorer was Jose Quintana, who was also the biggest victim of the rest of the pitching staff.

Poor, Jose Quintana. Maybe he should allow 5 runs a game. Then he might have a chance to win.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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