Monday, July 30, 2012

Twins 7 White Sox 6: Where This Throw Goes Nobody Knows

After being one of the best defensive teams in the Majors the entire season, the White Sox have gone into a defensive rut the last three days. In their last three games the White Sox have committed 6 errors, and not surprisingly, they're 1-2 in those three games.

Things started out well enough, with AJ Pierzynski hitting the first pitch he saw after returning to the lineup and crushed the hell out of it for a three-run homer to give the Sox a 4-0 lead. Sadly, the bottom of the first began with Alexei Ramirez having trouble with a ground ball up the middle and ended with 4 runs for the Twins.

Alexei would throw a ball away later in the game on what could have been a brilliant double play.

Alejandro De Aza would bobble a ball in centerfield to allow a runner to move up an extra base and then score later.

Then the final death blow would come in the ninth when AJ fielded a Brian Dozier bunt and threw the ball down the right field line. A sac fly from Jamey Carroll later and this game was over.

In other words, it was like every Sox/Twins game you remember from previous seasons, but the first of its kind in 2012.

Let's hope it's the last of its kind too.

The good news is Detroit lost, so no damage was done as far as the division is concerned.


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