Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tigers 6 White Sox 4: Swept Away

These are depressing times to be a White Sox fan. The only thing the White Sox couldn't do this weekend against Detroit was get swept. As long as they managed to win just one game they'd return from their 10-game road trip still in first place in the AL Central.

So of course the White Sox went out and got swept by the Tigers.

I'm not going to panic. The truth is that at the moment the Sox are playing some of their worst baseball of the season, and the Tigers are playing their best baseball of the season. This was the absolute worst time for the Sox to run into Detroit, but that's just the way the schedule works sometimes.

Yes, it sucks to be back in second place after spending so much time in first. It also sucks to be 1.5 games out of first when five days ago the Sox had a 3.5 game lead on the Tigers.

But you know what? There are still 67 games left to be played. The Sox also have 7 games left against the Tigers this season.

It's a bit early to quit, don't you think?

As for today's game, not much you can do other than pin this one on Phil Humber. The curveball that Phil had against Boston in his last start was non-existent this afternoon and was instead replaced with fastball up and out over the plate. Fastballs that were routinely killed.

Seriously, Miguel Cabrera's second home run was measured at 457 feet, and that might have been 75 feet short.

If there's any good news about today it's that the Sox actually fought back a bit, turning a 6-1 deficit into a 6-4 loss. Also, after Brennan Boesch homered off Phil Humber to knock him out of the game, Hector Santiago, Nate Jones and Donnie Veal pitched the final 6 innings without allowing another hit. Though Santiago did issue 4 walks.

So there were some positives today. Not enough to outweigh being swept, but hopefully the Sox can come home for three days and get some much needed wins against the Twins.



  1. It's time to get Dunn out of the 3 hole and put Rios there. Is there any other team in the majors that has a third hitter in their lineup hitting under .210?

    1. It's not his average you should be looking at. It's his OBP, which is at .356. Rios has an OBP of .354 at the moment.

      Personally I'd rather have Dunn getting on board for Rios than Rios getting on board for Dunn because Rios is more likely to get the base hit.

  2. Wipe your memory clean. The Sox are 1.5 back on July 23. EVERYONE would have gone bananas if you told them that on Opening Day.

    Sad stat of the day: The Sox are 1-6 in their last 7. They have led in all 7 games.


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