Friday, July 20, 2012

Tigers 4 White Sox 2: Too Much Justin Verlander

Good luck
Did you know that Justin Verlander is a pretty good pitcher? Well, he is, and he showed you why on Friday night. Even on a night where Verlander didn't seem to have his best stuff for the first three innings, he still managed to pitch 8 innings and allow only 2 runs.

Both of which came on a home run by Alejandro De Aza, who was the only Sox hitter to give Verlander any trouble on the night.

Other than that it was pretty much child's play for Verlander.

He only had 6 strikeouts which is a rather pedestrian total for Verlander, but it didn't matter all that much. While the White Sox were able to put the ball in play, aside from the De Aza home run, I don't remember a single ball being hit all that hard.

As a baseball fan it was fun to watch, honestly, though as a Sox fan it was just frustrating.

As for Jake Peavy, things started out wonderfully. He struck out the first 5 batters he faced, but he also made a huge mistake by hitting Quintin Berry with a pitch with two outs in the bottom of the third.

Well, he didn't hit Berry as much as he hit Berry's sleeve, but it still counts.

That was followed by singles from Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder before a double by Delmon Young and just like that the 2-0 lead the Sox had was erased and Detroit was up 3-2. They wouldn't give it back, either.

As a result the Sox' lead in the AL Central is now down to a half-game, but I'm not all that worried. Chris Sale is pitching for the Sox tomorrow and that usually means good things. Hopefully that trend will continue and the Sox can pick up a win to ensure that no matter what happens on Sunday the Sox will return to Chicago in first place.


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