Monday, July 23, 2012

The Tigers Get Anibal Sanchez And Omar Infante From The Marlins

Well this certainly isn't good news for the White Sox. Anibal Sanchez is one of the pitchers I was hoping the Sox might get before the deadline as he's a good pitcher who wouldn't have cost nearly as much as the Zack Greinkes and apparently the Ryan Dempsters of the world.

Furthermore, by getting Infante in the deal as well, the Tigers have not only added a quality starter to their rotation, but potentially fixed the black hole that's been second base for them.

In other words, the Tigers have been real assholes to the White Sox the last four days.

The extra kick in the nuts is that the Marlins will get Jacob Turner in return according to Joe Frisaro. Which means that Turner's domination of the White Sox on Sunday apparently upped his value enough to convince Miami to part with two players for him.


  1. As far as Turner goes...well, we all know how much Ozzie loves relatively anonymous players who dominate the White Sox.

  2. If KW wanted to start selling, I'd be all for it. First place was nice and all, but the Tigers are clearly the superior team. And now the 1 game playoff for the Wild Card makes that a fools bet.

  3. Well, it's true. I don't think the most optimistic of White Sox fans would say they're a more talented team than Detroit. Now that they've acquired Anibal Sanchez, and to a lesser extent Infante, I don't see how you can realistically expect the Sox to outplay them the rest of the season. If they could get a Randall Delgado type prospect for Peavy, or sell high on AJ, I'd be all for it. It's in the best long-term interest of the franchise.


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