Saturday, July 14, 2012

Royals 6 White Sox 3: Damn You, Alcides Escobar

I'm going to start this off with a plea to Robin Ventura: please stop letting Jake Peavy talk you into letting him go out for another inning when he's already well over 100 pitches. Please.

I get that you had to use your entire bullpen on Friday night and needed Peavy to go deep into the game tonight, but he'd already done that. I also know that it would have made no difference had you brought in Hector Santiago to start the eighth inning since the Sox didn't do anything in the top of the ninth, but that's beside the point.

Jake Peavy is a pitcher that has been injured for just about his entire White Sox tenure before this season. He's a pitcher that we're going to need for the final half of this season and hopefully in the postseason.

So just because Peavy had a week off thanks to the break doesn't mean you should allow him to throw 120 pitches.

There was truly nothing to gain by sending him out for the eighth, and then keeping him out there even though the first hitter reached, and then the second, makes absolutely no sense at all. Hector Santiago threw only 5 pitches on Friday. He wasn't over-worked.

Now, maybe Peavy didn't talk his way back into the game, but if it was your decision to send him out on your own, that's even worse.

We've already got roughly 30 rookies on this pitching staff, and nobody knows what is going on with John Danks, so you have to be as careful as you can be with Peavy.

I won't even get into the fears I have about Chris Sale and his workload over the second half.

Anyway, as for everything else in this game, Alcides Escobar is an asshole. He had 2 home runs on the season coming into the night and hit 2 more on Saturday, driving in 3 of Kansas City's runs. Combine that with his 3 RBI on Friday night, and this is a man that is doing way more damage than he has any right to be doing.

Seriously, Escobar had 21 RBI on the season coming into this series, and now 22% of his RBI have come in the last two days.

The good news for the Sox is that both Detroit and Cleveland lost so the Sox lead doesn't shrink in the division, though it would have been nice to add to it. Thankfully Chris Sale is on the mound tomorrow and that usually means good things for this team.


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