Thursday, July 19, 2012

Red Sox 3 White Sox 1: Jose Quintana Can't Catch A Break

June 17th.

June 24th.

July 19th.

What do these three dates have in common? On each of those three days Jose Quintana started for the White Sox and pitched 8 innings without allowing a single run. He does not have a win to show for any of them.

The Sox actually won the game on June 24, as Addison Reed would hold Milwaukee scoreless in the night and Brian Bruney would do the same in the tenth before the White Sox finally pushed a run across thanks to an Eduardo Escobar single to win the game 1-0.

In those other two games Addison Reed was charged with a blown save, though Addison had help tonight as he didn't come into the game until after Matt Thornton had already allowed two runners to get on base.

Ironically, it was also Eduardo Escobar who made a bad throw to second base on what could have been a double play in the ninth as well. Now, even if the double play had been turned, Adrian Gonzalez singled right after before Cody Ross hit his walk off home run.

So either way, if things stayed the same, the Sox are still losing. The only difference is it's a 2-1 loss rather than a 3-1 loss.

The question is whether or not Robin Ventura will ever allow Jose Quintana a chance to close out his own shutout. During the first blown save in Los Angeles Quintana had only thrown 77 pitches before being removed. On Thursday night Quintana was at 103 pitches, but when you consider that Ventura has sent Jake Peavy and Chris Sale out for another inning when they were over that mark, you have to wonder why he doesn't give Quintana a chance.

Especially given what's happened when he hasn't.

I do feel as though I should point out that I'm not blaming Ventura for this loss. Nor am I blaming Matt Thornton, Addison Reed or Eduardo Escobar. The truth is in a game like this there's plenty of blame to go around.

After all, the offense only mustered 1 run.

But what if Eduardo Escobar's line drive up the middle isn't caught by Buchholz right before Alejandro doubles?

What if Gordon Beckham's double to right field doesn't bounce over the wall as Dayan Viciedo is getting ready to round third?

What if the Sox had managed to get more than 2 at bats with a runner in scoring position tonight?

The truth is, when you're leading a game 1-0 and blow it late there are a hundred different points where you could have avoided that outcome. Through some bad luck and bad execution, the Sox just weren't able to do that tonight.

Yeah, it stings because of the way it ended, and because it means they lost three of four in Boston. Still, what really matters is the Sox are now headed to Detroit for what is easily the most important series of the season so far, as the Tigers are now only 1.5 games back.

It hurts, but the Sox have to get over it really quick.



  1. I hate baaseball some nights and this is one of them!

    I am so depressed!

  2. I just look at the positives. quintana is the real deal.

  3. Bullpen ERA in the second half is now 6.64.

  4. Thornton is so washed up. Never use him when the game is on the line

    1. He's allowed 17 runs in 44 games.

      Yeah, "washed up."

      Nevermind that overall he's been the best reliever out of the Sox bullpen all season, he's totally "washed up."


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