Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rangers 2 White Sox 0: Gavin Floyd Continues To Destroy The Legitimacy Of The Quality Start

Tonight marked Gavin Floyd's second consecutive quality start since returning from the disabled list. In those two quality starts, Gavin Floyd has pitched 12.2 innings and allowed only 3 earned runs.

He's also allowed 13 hits and walked 11 in those 12.2 innings while striking out 2 whole batters.

So, yeah, the quality start can be a bit of a misnomer.

The Sox really didn't deserve to win this game at all. In reality Texas should have scored about 10 runs tonight and would have if their offense wasn't stuck in a month-long slump. Of course, it's not like they needed to score all that many runs.

The White Sox offense could muster only 7 hits against Scott Feldman, who came in with an ERA of 5.37, but the Sox were kind enough to help lower that number to 4.76 after 8 innings.

So the five-game win streak is over, and the Sox are shut out for the first time since June 30th.

It sucks, but the Sox still went to Texas and won a series on the road. It's kind of hard to be disappointed about that.


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