Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kenny Williams Continues On His Quest To Trade Gavin Floyd

Has there ever been a time when the White Sox weren't trying to trade Gavin Floyd? Seriously, I'm not asking to be a smartass or anything, I'm just trying to remember.

Every year when the trade deadline comes along, rumors about Gavin being traded come along with it. Then there was this winter when Gavin was traded roughly five times depending on who you asked on Twitter and what their cousin's hair stylist's neighbor told them.

Well, now the latest comes from Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi who wrote on Tuesday that the Sox are "eager" to trade him.
The White Sox want to add another starting pitcher and Greinke is high on their wish list, according to major league sources.
The question is how Williams, with a thin farm system, could muster a package to acquire Greinke. And the answer might be by trading right-hander Gavin Floyd for prospects the Sox then could add to a deal for Greinke, who is a potential free agent.
The upgrade from Floyd to Greinke over 10 to 12 starts might not be terribly significant, but Greinke potentially is much more of a difference-maker, particularly if the White Sox reach the postseason.
What’s more, the Sox are eager to move Floyd, sources say.
The report then goes on to speculate that Kenny could send Gavin to Toronto for prospects like Justin Nicolino and then send Nicolino along with someone like Jared Mitchell or Trayce Thompson to Milwaukee for Zack Greinke. This speculation is based on the Sox scouting Nicolino's latest start and the Blue Jays having a couple of scouts on hand during Floyd's start last night.

I'd also like to point out that scouts were watching Francisco Liriano last night as well.

So I'm not putting all that much weight behind this speculation.

Do I think Kenny wants to make a big move before the deadline? Yes.

Do I think Zack Greinke interests Kenny? Yes.

Do I think he's willing to trade Gavin Floyd? Who isn't Kenny willing to trade if the right deal comes along?

Did I just answer a question with another question? Yes, sorry.

Do I think the Sox are going to construct an elaborate three-team trade that somehow ends up with Zack Greinke on the south side? Not so much.

But I've been surprised before.

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