Monday, July 30, 2012

Hector Santiago Sent To Charlotte

In a rather surprising move, the White Sox announced on Monday that they had sent Hector Santiago down to Charlotte to make room on the roster for Francisco Liriano.

It's a surprise because many had assumed it would be Leyson Septimo going back to Charlotte, but apparently the Sox like what they've seen from Septimo and would like to keep him. Or perhaps there's another reason.

When the White Sox moved Santiago to more of a long relief role after trading Zach Stewart, I openly wondered if the team wasn't considering stretching Santiago out to use him as a starter in the future.

Whether this season or next.

Now that they've sent Santiago back down to Charlotte I can't help but wonder some more. After all, Santiago was a starter before being made into the team's closer to start the season. Perhaps the Sox plan on having Hector work as a starter again while down in Charlotte with plans to bring him back in that role later this year in case of an injury or just poor performance.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: We no longer have to wait and see. I was right. BOW DOWN BEFORE ME.


  1. Sounds like a smart plan...


  2. Sounds like a smart plan...


  3. I think this will give him the opportunity to get a lot more work in. We've added Myers to the bullpen, and with Crane back that gives us three solid veterans. Then we have Reed as our closer and 6 starters. There just wasn't a whole lot of room for Santiago at the moment.

  4. Or maybe they decided to send him to AAA to start working as an OF :)


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