Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yankees 4 White Sox 0: The Offense Just Really Hates Jake Peavy

The good news for Jake Peavy is that, on the day he said he'd donate $100 for every strikeout in MLB toward research for pancreatic cancer, he set a career high as a White Sox with 11 strikeouts.

The bad news for Jake Peavy is that his offense really wanted to contribute as well, and allowed Yankee pitching to strike them out 13 times.

Which means that in his last four starts, the White Sox offense has managed 2 runs of support for Jake Peavy. The man made six starts in the month of June, and had an ERA of 2.77 in 42.1 innings of work with 35 strikeouts and went 0-4.

I mean, seriously.

Yankee Stadium is what did Peavy in today. After allowing only 8 home runs in 104.2 innings coming into today's start, he allowed 3 solo home runs to the Yankees today. All three of which took advantage of the short porch -- if I played in parks as a little leaguer that were harder to hit home runs in down the lines then there's something seriously wrong with your Major League stadium -- in right field, and which I can't be sure would have been home runs at US Cellular Field.

Not just the distance, but they may have been foul as well.

Meanwhile Hiroki Kuroda was throwing some kind of magic pitch with perpetual movement all damn day and Sox hitters couldn't do anything with him.

It was a great day for cancer research, but a terrible day for the White Sox.


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