Thursday, June 14, 2012

White Sox Aren't All That Interested In Kevin Youkilis

This may come as a shock to many of you, but even though I repeatedly refer to Orlando Hudson as the MVP both here and on Twitter, I don't actually feel as though he's the most valuable player in baseball. The truth is that while I've been pleasantly surprised with Hudson's ability to play third base, it's not as though he's been a huge upgrade over Brent Morel since replacing him.

In fact, it just goes to show how terrible Morel had been playing for the Sox this season that Hudson can have a line of .197/.290/.344 in a White Sox uniform and Sox fans can't help but think "what an upgrade!"

It's also the main reason why the Kevin Youkilis demands by many Sox fans haven't quieted down since the Red Sox made it known to the world that they are willing to move him. Well, that might be changing a bit as Ben Cherington was on Boston's WEEI on Thursday and had this to say about Youkilis.

“Right now we're focused on getting Kevin going. He's an important part of the team and we know that when he's clicking and feeling good he makes our lineup very tough to pitch to."

Well there are a few reasons Cherington is saying this, none of them having anything to do with the fact Boston doesn't want to trade Kevin Youkilis.

The first reason is that when you want to trade a player, repeatedly making that claim publicly doesn't do a whole lot for you when it comes to getting a return on the player. You have no real leverage when every team that might be interested in Youkilis knows for certain that you're desperate to move him.

The second reason is that there reportedly isn't all that much interest in Youkilis.

According to Jon Heyman, even though the White Sox have been a black hole at third base this season they aren't "heavily involved" at the moment. Heyman also says a Red Sox source told him there are two teams interested in Youkilis but that source didn't want to name them.

The reason for this is that nobody is all that sure Youkilis has anything left to give. Considering what's left on his contract for this year, it doesn't seem that many teams are looking to give up very much for him, and I'd doubt any team will want to take on his contract.

Youkilis is scheduled to make $12 million this season, which means that at the moment he's still due roughly $7.4 million for the rest of the 2012 season. Throw on the $1 million buyout for 2013, and that means any team that took on his deal would be on the hook for $8.4 million for a guy that certainly isn't living up to the paycheck right now.

As for the White Sox, I can certainly see why Kenny isn't chomping at the bit for a chance to get Youkilis just yet. Maybe come July if the Sox are still battling for a playoff spot and the team is still terrible at third he might show more interest.

It won't cost nearly as much at that point financially.

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