Wednesday, June 20, 2012

White Sox 7 Cubs 0: The Sky Stops Falling

While I've had my fair share of fun with it on Twitter, the last couple of days of White Sox talk has been exhausting. It's either been attendance or "oh my god, the Sox are a half-game out of first they better sell everybody."

This is what happens in June when Bulls and Blackhawks season is over and the Bears haven't really started yet. Sports radio is on the air for 24 hours a day, and problems need to be manufactured to fill the air time.

Sadly they'll have to find a new way to fill time tomorrow, for Gavin Floyd went out and looked wonderful for what felt like the first time since roughly 2008. Is Gavin cured or did he just catch a break by facing the Cubs? We won't know until his next start, but whatever it is, it looked good tonight.

Gavin went 6.1 innings and allowed only 4 hits and a walk. His strikeout total was a bit low at 4, for him anyway, but what mattered tonight was that he didn't allow any home runs. That's been the Gavin killer for a while now, but he kept the ball in the park. He also had his curveball working, and not just for show, but for strikes.

It was great to see. I'm not going to proclaim him cured, but I'm going to be a lot more optimistic about him heading into his next start.

As for the offense, it was nice to see the Sox put 7 on the board after scoring only 4 runs through the first two games of this series. The Sox only had 1 hit that I can recall being hit hard, and that was Gordon Beckham's 3-run homer in the sixth. And, honestly, I didn't think it was hit all that hard.

Other than that it was bloopers on bloopers on pop ups on walks that the Sox used to get runners home tonight.

Which means that on Friday they'll probably hit line drives all over the park and lose 2-1.


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