Thursday, June 7, 2012

White Sox 4 Blue Jays 3: Orlando Hudson Is Still The MVP

Three bros happy to have Orlando Hudson on their team
The way this game started I thought the Sox were headed in the same direction they'd gone in the first two contests of this series. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Jake Peavy was not at his best tonight, but after allowing 3 runs in the second -- and his defense let him down a bit here, particularly Orlando Hudson, but he'd make up for it later -- he shut the Blue Jays down.

Well, he didn't shut them down. He nibbled a bit too much. It's something he tends to do when he's not really on, which is why when he has been healthy with the Sox before this season, he always had trouble getting out of the sixth inning. I'd much rather see the guy who started the season attacking hitters, getting to two strikes and then challenging hitters with a third strike. Not trying to fool them on a third strike.

As for the offense, Alex Rios continues to be a lot more clutch this season than he was at any other point in his Sox career. His 2-run homer in the sixth inning tied it, and both offenses traded outs from that point on until the ninth inning.

And that's when Orlando Hudson got his revenge.

With two outs and Dayan Viciedo on third, Hudson hit a single to center to bring home Viciedo and get the win. Showing that determination and grit that only an MVP can exhibit at the biggest moments!

Is Orlando Hudson the greatest third baseman and teammate of all time?

Probably, you guys. Probably.


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