Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Sox 3 Twins 2: It's Never Easy, Is It?

It should have been easy. It had been easy. Gavin Floyd sure wasn't having any problems, as he went 7 scoreless innings tying a season high with 9 strikeouts.

It's the second straight start for Floyd in which he didn't allow a run, following his 6.1 scoreless innings against the Cubs last week. Everything was going all so smoothly until Addison Reed had to make sure Sox fans started suffering from PTSD (Playing the Twins Stress Disorder).

The Sox went into the ninth with a 3-0 lead. Reed started the inning off with a strikeout of Josh Willingham. He then walked Justin Morneau on four pitches before striking out Trevor Plouffe.

But then came the classic bloop Twins double that barely travelled 100 feet off of Ryan Doumit's bat. That was followed by Reed hitting Chris Parmelee in the foot to load the bases.

Then came Unfrozen Caveman Utility Infielder, Jamey Carroll, who singled into right field and just like that it was 3-2 and every Sox fan in the world knew they were going to lose this game.

But then Denard Span hit a ground ball up the middle, and Gordon Beckham defied all laws of THE TWINS WAY to get to the ball and throw Span out at first to end the game.

Aside from that ninth inning, though, things really were pretty great. Gavin was Good Gavin for the second straight start, Kevin Youkilis made a really nice play at third base, Alexei Ramirez got another two hits, and then there was Alex Rios.

Alex Rios wears a belt, and attached to that belt are five different tools. He's been showing those tools off to everybody as of late.

Rios homered, made another nice catch in the outfield -- though not as good as the one he made to take away a home run on Sunday -- hestole yet another base, and he scored from second on an excellent read of a bloop single by Alexei. He's pretty much doing everything these days and damn it if I'm not thrilled to see it.

I don't want to hate you, Alex. I really prefer to like you, and I want you to let me like you, so thank you for letting me like you this season.


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