Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Sox 12 Twins 5: We Got Your Offense Right Here, On The Bench

When I first saw the White Sox lineup this morning I figured Robin Ventura had to be confused. With the early start Robin probably assumed that it was a Sunday morning, so he threw his Sunday lineup out there.

Well, let's hope he confuses tomorrow for Sunday too because DAMN THAT'S A LOT OF OFFENSE.

The White Sox offense exploded this afternoon for 12 runs on 21 hits. It was a performance so magnificent that everybody who took a bat to the plate with them in a White Sox jersey got a hit today, even Tyler Flowers who only had one at bat after coming on for Kevin Youkilis to finish the game at first base.

Speaking of Youkilis, he had 3 hits on the day and drove in 2 runs. He's now 5-for-12 as a White Sox.

Adam Dunn also broke out of his funk. The first sign was in his first at bat when he flew out to center, but his second at bat when he flew out to left was when my eyebrows raised a bit. That's generally a good omen.

And it was this time, as Dunn hit a three-run homer to left in his third at bat, singled to left field in his fourth at bat and then got an INFIELD SINGLE to third in his fifth at bat. He was beating a shift that wasn't even there!

Oh, and Alex Rios homered again because everything Alex Rios does is awesome right now.

As for the pitching, Chris Sale did exactly what Chris Sale should do to a team like the Twins, and got a lot more run support than he needed. It's just a shame Will Ohman had to come in for the final two innings and do what he does by allowing the Twins to score 3 runs and make this game seem "closer" than it actually was.

Damn you, Will Trollman! Damn you!!!

Anyway, as fun as today was, and as nice as it is to win a series against the Twins in Minnesota, things are going to get a bit harder now. The Sox travel to New York to play four games against the Yankees before returning for a homestand against the Rangers and Blue Jays leading to the All Star break.

So let's make sure we keep getting 21 hits in every game. That should help our chances.


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