Saturday, June 9, 2012

White Sox 10 Astros 1: That's More Like It

It's just not fair. To allow a pitcher that has been pitching as well as Chris Sale to face a lineup like the Astros goes against the protocols originally established by the Geneva Conventions. Only one Astro was even able to reach second base while Sale was in the game.

And not that he needed it, but Sale also got plenty of support from his offense.

This felt like a game that was going to be a 1-0 win for somebody through the first four innings. Jordan Lyles was pitching very well for Houston, but once the fifth inning came along he lost all sense of the strike zone and his first baseman lost all sense of how to catch a ball on a short hop.

Seriously, Brett Wallace, I was able to make plays as a first baseman in Little League that you don't seem capable of making now. You should be grateful that your team is moving to the American League next season and is going to need a designated hitter.

The errors and walks led to the Sox putting 5 runs on the board in the inning, and you knew the game was over then because the shadow were creeping over the plate and Chris Sale is hard enough to hit as it is.

Adam Dunn would put a cap on the festivities with his twelfth career grand slam in the eighth inning.

Though Dunn had the big shot, it was really the top and bottom of the order that did all the damage. Alejandro De Aza, Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez, Jordan Danks and Eduardo Escobar combined to go 12-for-23 with 4 RBI and 9 runs scored.

In other words, this game went like a game against the Astros is supposed to go like.


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