Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 10 Hitters Poll: A Week Off Doesn't Change Much

After a week long hiatus the Hitters Poll is back. Sorry I didn't do the poll last week but I was in Florida and I was fully intending to do both of them on Monday night in my hotel room but then a trip to Marlins Park and a few hours at the hotel bar later there was no Hitters Poll.

That's just the way things work sometimes.

Here's the poll, but keep in mind that the points earned are for the last two weeks. As anybody who has seen this team lately surely knows, the offense did not play that well this week.
1Paul Konerko 255 1 36
2Adam Dunn 241 4 57
3Alejandro De Aza 229 2 32
4A.J. Pierzynski 228 3 33
5Alex Rios 223 5 54
6Gordon Beckham 177 629
7Dayan Viciedo 151 63
8Alexei Ramirez149 8 31
9Orlando Hudson 48 10 25
10Brent Morel 33 9 0
11Brent Lillibridge 20 11 -1
12Tyler Flowers 18 11 -3
12Kosuke Fukudome  18 13 0
12Eduardo Escobar 18 14 6
15Jordan Danks 7 NA 7

Now there aren't many changes in the poll this week. Yes, Gordon Beckham passed Dayan Viciedo, but that was because Viciedo didn't get a lot of playing time with the Sox playing in National League parks last week.

The only other change is Orlando Hudson passing Brent Morel, and I don't think I need to explain how that happened.

What I will say is that for a while over the last two weeks, Adam Dunn had retaken the lead from Paul Konerko. But then Adam went on a strikeout binge and allowed Paulie to pass him up once again.

Last week's poll can be found here.

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