Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Poor Sox Fan Is Really Upset About Brent Lillibridge

As I've already gone over, I'm happy with the Kevin Youkilis trade. The Sox get a player that might help over the final 90 games of the season and they didn't have to give up anything of value to get him.

Unfortunately, for one five-year old White Sox fan, this trade is not good news.

Jason DeWitt (@beg2differ) sent me this video of his son's reaction to the news that his favorite player, Brent Lillibridge, had been traded.

Poor kid, I know exactly how he feels. When the White Sox traded Harold Baines to the Rangers in 1989 I was one sad little eight-year old. He was my favorite player and I hadn't known life as a White Sox fan without Harold's leg kick.

And I know you're too young to understand this now, little man, but after Harold left along came Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura. So just know that no matter how you feel about Brent Lillibridge, you're going to find another favorite player soon enough and odds are that he'll leave you at some point as well.

All that really matters, though, more so than the players we love, is the team that they play for.

And give Kevin Youkilis a chance. He might end up being your favorite player before this season is over.

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  1. Kinda loving this l'il guy. (About the same size as Lillibridge.)

    Sending you sympathetic hugs, my man. Although I don't relate. As a Cubs fan growing up, I never had to shed a tear.


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