Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mariners 10 White Sox 8: Not This Time

Since May 16th the White Sox have played 15 games. Of those 15 games, the White Sox have only come out on the wrong end of the score 3 times.

Gavin Floyd started all three of those games.

Floyd lasted only 5-plus innings and allowed 5 runs and 4 home runs to a Mariners offense that is not known for hitting home runs. Hell, they're not known for scoring many runs, either.

The only positive for Floyd was that he didn't walk anybody. So, kudos for leaving your fastballs over the plate and not off the corners, Gavin.

Seattle wasn't the only team taking advantage of some hitter-friendly weather, as the White Sox hit 4 home runs of their own. The theme for the day was that the Mariners would take a lead and then the Sox would quickly erase it in the next inning. Unfortunately they weren't able to continue the trend in the twelfth inning, and it's probably for the best that they didn't.

Since Floyd left after only 5 innings, Robin Ventura was forced to go through his entire bullpen, and as much as you'd like to get the win, it's not worth screwing up your starting rotation by having to use Jose Quintana in multiple innings, or risk hurting a position player.

It sucks that the win streak is over, but that just means the Sox get to start a new one tomorrow.

One that will last until Gavin Floyd pitches again, apparently.


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