Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jordan Danks Is Coming To Chicago

On Sunday Kosuke Fukudome joined the rest of the White Sox bench in getting a start, but left the game after only one at bat after suffering an injury. He hasn't played since, and it seems that his ribcage injury -- which was originally referred to as "back stiffness" -- is serious enough that the Sox feel the need to replace him on the roster*.

According to Mark Gonzalez, Jordan Danks is on his way to Chicago to fill our Danks quota.
Triple-A Charlotte outfielder Jordan Danks is headed to Chicago to join the White Sox in time for Thursday night's game against Toronto, a source confirmed this morning. 
Danks, the younger brother of Sox left-hander John Danks, batted .302 with eight home runs and 28 RBIs for Charlotte. The younger Danks hit a three-run home run Wednesday night at Toledo.
I've never been a huge Jordan Danks guy, and I've always seen him as a fourth outfielder defensive replacement type, but the fact is the kid is killing the ball in Charlotte so far this season. So I'm absolutely fine with him getting a chance to prove me wrong.

After all, the worst thing that happens is he goes back to Charlotte. The best thing that happens is he plays so well he earns a spot up here and the Sox designate Fukudome or Brent Lillibridge.

Neither of whom have been all that impressive this season.

*At least this is what I'm hoping. Part of me is worried that Danks is coming up to fill in for Konerko, BUT I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT.



    How are they gonna do the back of his jersey? Will the Sox simple have 2 'Danks'? They can't do 1st initial or even first 2 letters of the first name since they're the same.

    Solution? 'Danks I' and 'Danks II'

    1. It'll either just be "Danks" or "Jor Danks"

    2. JorDanks?
      I hope you're ready to shoulder the burden if 'JorDanks' ends up becoming a commonly used nickname.


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