Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dodgers 7 White Sox 6: At Least Twitter Was Entertaining

Firm, yet supple.
This game did not live up to the billing. It was supposed to be a pitchers duel between Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw and instead we saw both pitchers allow 9 earned runs in 11.2 innings.

What really made it hurt, though, was that of those 9 runs, 4 of them came after the White Sox had built a 5-1 lead.

The Dodgers scored 5 runs in the sixth inning to chase Sale out of the game and take the lead. The Sox would tie it on an Alex Rios home run -- his second of the night -- but then Matt Thornton would come on and have one of those innings that Matt Thornton can have.

A walk, a hit, a wild pitch and a game-winning run for the Dodgers.

Really the only thing about this night that didn't blow -- besides Alex Rios -- was NotHawk going after one of the dumbest people in the history of the internet, and maybe even the world.

I strongly recommend you go read his timeline rather than any recaps of this game. You'll feel a lot better about the Sox afterward.

Worse about humanity, but better about the Sox.


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  1. The Scouting reports on Thornton's flattened out fastball and his lack of any decent secondary pitches have been out for a long while. This, no surprise that he often gets pasted.
    What was upsetting was his lack of focus and concentration when he threw the wild pitch with a man on third. One would think that a guy like him, who has predictable fastball mechanics, would be the last guy to throw a ridiculous pitch like that to lose the game.
    One other point..we have had an inordinate number of close heartbreaking losses and many of them seem to have been avoidable.
    I think the honeymoon os over for Ventura, at least as far as I am concerned. Robin has been making or not making decisions in these games that have not worked out well.
    No sending the runner with men of 1st and 3rd and risking ending the game with Konerko hitting into a DP? Allowing Thornton to pitch with the winning run on third after Thornton was already being hit around? It looks to me that Ventura is not going to be the next Joe Maddon.


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