Monday, June 18, 2012

Cubs 12 White Sox 3: Zach Stewart Is A Specialist

There's a 75% chance that baseball was never seen again
As you can see by the score above there isn't a lot of positive things to focus on when it comes to tonight's game. That being said, I'd like to start this post off on a positive note.

The good news is that no matter how badly the Cubs destroyed the Sox on Monday night, or no matter how much we might lose by on Tuesday and Wednesday, the beloved BP Cup will be staying on the south side. That much we know.

The bad news is that Zach Stewart was checking out the BP Cup before the game and when he tossed it back to A.J. Pierzynski some random Cub took a swing at it and hit it 500 feet into the left field bleachers where it shattered on impact.

RIP BP Cup. 2010-2012

So, yeah, Zach Stewart didn't suddenly become good when he moved from the bullpen to the starting rotation for a night. He allowed 4 home runs in only 5.2 innings and has now allowed 10 home runs in only 30 innings this season. If this was indeed an audition for Stewart then Dylan Axelrod should start packing his bags and getting ready to come to Chicago.

And, really, that's about it. I mean, what else is there to say? The Sox just got their ass kicked by a terrible Cubs team, but did so on a night when they should have gotten their ass kicked.

You send Zach Stewart out against Matt Garza, and nine times out of ten that's what is going to happen.

I just hope the extra rest works out for Jake Peavy and Chris Sale.



  1. Everything I've heard is that Axelrod is an extreme 4A pitcher. But at this point, he can't be any worse than Stewart.

  2. Maybe they were putting him out there as trade bait Monday. If he would have won he would have looked more marketable. Too bad he just came off as home run bait.

  3. As we all know Kenny Williams is a master baiter.

    If you're gonna take an auto-loss by throwing Stewart out there why not do it on the same day as you play Lilli, Escobar, and Flowers? Thus you get absolutely murdered in only one game instead of 2.

    If you shuffle the rotation so that Steward pitches Sunday, this allows the lefty Quintana to pitch against the Cubs who are something like 3-15 against lefties this year.


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