Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cardinals 1 White Sox 0: Lynnability To Hit

Well that was a lovely welcome home. I'd have appreciated it more if the Sox didn't bother scoring any runs while I wasn't able to watch and saved them for tonight, but I suppose we can't get everything we want in life.

As for the game, it all came down to three things, really.

First and foremost was Lance Lynn just dominating the Sox lineup. I really hadn't seen anything of Lynn at all this season and was curious seeing his record and ERA coming into the game because I hadn't been hearing much about him either.

Well it all made sense after tonight. He's essentially the National League's Chris Sale.

He was working up and down in the zone just about the entire night with his fastball, and using his curveball effectively against the Sox bigger threats like Paul Konerko. He went into the eighth inning and struck out 12 guys while only walking 1, and only allowed 3 hits.

The second factor in this game was Carlos Beltran. He may as well have been wearing a Royals jersey again the way he played in this game. Of his three hits obviously the biggest one was the solo home run in the third inning as it provided the only run scored in this game. However, his biggest contribution may have been robbing Alejandro De Aza of what would have been a lead-off triple in the sixth inning. It would have been the second consecutive inning the Sox had led off with a triple.

Speaking of that, the third factor in this game was that fifth inning. The way Lynn was pitching, when Alex Rios led off the inning with his triple, the Sox simply had to score. They didn't. A.J. struck out, Alexei struck out, and then Peavy struck out after Lynn intentionally walked Orlando Hudson.

Yes, the Sox had another good scoring chance in the ninth inning, but if they take advantage of that Rios triple in the fifth odds are Lynn doesn't last as long in this game as St. Louis may have wanted to pinch hit for him earlier. Which could have changed the entire outcome of this game.

Sadly it did not happen, but since that situation hasn't been a recurring theme this season like in the past, I'm not going to get too upset about it.

The biggest shame of tonight was that Jake Peavy gets a loss on his record despite the fact he made one bad pitch the entire night. He went 7 innings, allowed the solo homer, only gave up 4 hits and struck out 6. He deserved a much better fate.


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