Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can We Stop With The Gavin Floyd For Kevin Youkilis Talk?

Ever since I wondered about the White Sox' possible interest in Kevin Youkilis, I've been seeing a lot of the same tweet from many different people in my Twitter timeline.

They all say the Sox should trade Gavin Floyd to Boston for Kevin Youkilis. I'm here today to tell you that, no, the White Sox really shouldn't.

Would I mind seeing Kevin Youkilis at third base everyday compared to what the White Sox have there right now? No, obviously not. Still, I wouldn't give up Gavin Floyd just to get him. Even with the way Gavin has been pitching in his last four starts.

In Gavin's last four starts he's allowed 26 runs on 37 hits in only 19.2 innings. Strangely enough, Gavin's only walked 4 guys in that span, so it's not his control in the fact he's missing the strike zone, but in that he's missing in the strike zone.

However, in Gavin's first 7 starts of the season he had an ERA of 2.53 and had allowed only 14 runs and 31 hits in 46.1 innings. So when you tell me that Gavin Floyd is terrible and that you hate him, keep in mind he's been terrible for the last three weeks, but was actually pretty damn fantastic for the first five.

Not to mention, this is the same thing we see every season with Gavin. Yes, it can be infuriating. It's hard to understand why a guy who can look so dominant at times also goes through periods where he looks absolutely helpless.

But in this regard, pitchers are no different than hitters. Paul Konerko looked like he was going to hit .500 for a few weeks, but he hasn't had a hit in the last four games.

Do you want to trade him for Youkilis too?

Regardless of personal feelings toward Gavin, though, there's another simple reason why the White Sox should not trade him for Youkilis.

It wouldn't make the White Sox better. Yes, it would improve third base if Kevin Youkilis stayed healthy all season -- and that's a big if given his history -- but it would also open a giant hole in the Sox starting rotation.

Most people have said the Sox can just replace Floyd with Jose Quintana in the rotation, and given the way Quintana has looked this season, I can see why people feel that way.

This is where I remind you that Quintana has pitched 16 innings. This is roughly 184 innings shy of knowing what Jose Quintana really is, especially when you think about the fact that teams haven't seen Quintana yet. As White Sox fans you should know how difficult it can be for a team to hit a pitcher they've never seen before.

Also, we don't know what John Danks' situation is. What if Danks can't come back -- he does have shoulder issues after all -- and the Sox need Quintana to fill in for Danks? Who fills in for Floyd?

Do you honestly think the Sox are going anywhere with a rotation of Jake Peavy, Chris Sale, Phil Humber, Jose Quintana and Zach Stewart? Do you want them to rush Nestor Molina to Chicago? Would that make any difference?

There's also the future you need to consider.

Youkilis is a free agent after the season. Floyd has an option for 2013 for $9.5 million, which is a pretty good rate for a guy who gives you nearly 200 innings a season and keeps you in more games than not.

Keep in mind that Jake Peavy isn't coming back in 2013, unless he wants to take a huge paycut. Given the season he's having, I don't think that's going to happen.

So now you've given up Floyd for a third baseman who won't be back in 2013, and now the Sox start next season with the same problems at third but with a rotation that is Chris Sale and four question marks.

Now, I'm not saying that the Sox shouldn't entertain the idea of trading Gavin Floyd, but if they're going to do it, then they need to get a hell of a lot more in return than just Kevin Youkilis.


  1. As much as I feel like trading Gavin Floyd for a bag of baseballs right now, I think you are correct here, Tom.

    Besides, I think it would totally change the chemistry of the clubhouse which may have worked in years past, but not this year.

    I wonder if Kenny is kicking the tires on Chone Figgins this weekend. He's still on the list of players Kenny always wanted and didn't get.

  2. I very much like the idea of Quintana and Sale splitting time over the next 2.5 months or so to keep Sale fresh for some big games in September (hopefully).

    Ride out Hurricane Gavin and it will pay off. Every team can't have five aces, the offense will have to win a game here or there.


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