Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blue Jays 4 White Sox 0: Offensive Explosion!

Somebody got a new camera...
Sorry for how late this recap is, but it turns out the White Sox clubhouse wasn't the only place the flu was raping and pillaging. Last night while this game was going on I felt as good as the White Sox performed.

It's not hard to figure this one out. You won't win a lot of game with only 2 hits, especially when A.J. Pierzynski is the only member of the lineup getting those hits.

The good news about last night's game was that it was another good start for Jose Quintana. He went 6 innings and allowed only 2 runs and a walk and his ERA with the Sox is now at 2.05.

The only complaint I'd have about Quintana's performance was the lack of strikeouts, as he only struck out 1  Blue Jay in his 6 innings. This is a big reason why he allowed 9 hits. He also had some nice defensive plays behind him, particularly from Orlando Hudson.

So while he allowed only 2 runs, it was the kind of performance that could have yielded a few more.

Anyway, Jake Peavy takes the mound on Thursday night. Time to end this losing streak.


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  1. The Sox aren't as bad as the team as we saw in April. They're not as good as we saw in the the days leading into the Toronto series. They match up evenly against they Jays, so losing 2 of three isn't that big of deal.

    We ran into two of the better pitchers in league at the moment in Romero and Morrow.


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