Friday, June 1, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 8

The Rangers are still on top of the league, but there is a new team that has climbed up to second place. I bet you'll never guess who it is.


Yep, it's them.

1. Texas Rangers (31-20): Getting beat 21-8 in any game is never a good look, but particularly when it's against the Mariners. The Mariners now have 218 runs on the season, which means nearly 10% of the runs they've scored this season came in that one game. Still, even after allowing three touchdowns, the Rangers have a league best run differential of +79, the best record in the league, and they did sweep Toronto earlier in the week. (1)

2. Chicago White Sox (29-22): The White Sox have dreamt the impossible dream!  They've likely gotten as high as they're going to get in these power rankings as they will all season long, and it's all thanks to a perfect 6-0 week with sweeps of Cleveland and Tampa Bay. (5)

3. Tampa Bay Rays: (29-22): The Rays have been beaned more than any other team in baseball this season, which probably explains why they were so chippy against both the Red and White Sox this week. Unfortunately for them, they weren't nearly as chippy on the scoreboard, going 2-4 and falling out of the second spot. (2)

4. Baltimore Orioles (29-22): Is reality finally starting to set in for the Orioles? The went 1-5 last week and they've lost eight of ten after a five-game winning streak. Because of this they've now seen their lead in the AL East disappear, and they're only separated from last place by three games. (4)

5. New York Yankees (27-23): The Yankees climb back into the top five thanks to a 4-2 week against teams like the Angels and Athletics, even if three of those wins came against Oakland. What really helped the Yankees out in the rankings was Toronto plummeting. (6)

6. Los Angeles Angels (26-26): So the Angels are actually playing pretty well as of late. As big a hole as they dug themselves to start the season, they now only trail Texas by 5.5 games with four months to play and plenty more games against the Rangers. So the AL West may have some suspense after all. (9)

7. Toronto Blue Jays (27-24): The Blue Jays just swept Baltimore which is nice, but they also looked terrible against Texas. In a three-game sweep at the hands of the Rangers, Blue Jays pitchers allowed 34 runs. What that did to the team's ERA is a big reason they fell so far down the rankings this week. (3)

8. Boston Red Sox (26-25): Much like the Angels, the Red Sox have finally gotten their act together, and are over .500. The problem in Boston is that the pitching has still been pretty terrible, but the offense has been able to cover for it lately. Still, if Boston wants to keep winning, the pitching will have to improve. (8)

9. Cleveland Indians (27-23): Here's the thing about Cleveland that is going to cost them in the long run. Their run differential of -24 gives you a very good indication of what this team's problem is. Yeah, Indians hitters get on base at a nice rate, but this lineup lacks power and the pitching has been pretty terrible. Sure, the back of the bullpen has been great, but it's hard to get a lead to them when you don't hit for power and hemorrhage runs. (7)

10. Detroit Tigers (24-27): The Tigers finally get Doug Fister back and then he goes right back on the disabled list. Sooner or later this team is going to start playing up to its ability, but it's just not doing it at the moment. (11)

11. Seattle Mariners (23-30): I have a feeling scoring 21 runs against Texas will be the highlight of Seattle's season. Pretty amazing to think that the same team that was on the wrong end of a perfect game by Phil Humber can put 21 runs on the board, isn't it? (10)

12. Oakland Athletics (22-29): Reality is hitting Oakland hard right now. After hovering at .500 or just above for the 40 games of the season, the Athletics have now lost 8 in a row, scoring only 11 runs in the process. (12)

13. Kansas City Royals (21-28): The good news for Kansas City is that Eric Hosmer is starting to heat up, and they're pretty close to passing both the Mariners and the Athletics. The bad news for the Royals is that passing the Mariners and Athletics is the equivalent of graduating high school with a 1.0 GPA. (13)

14. Minnesota Twins (18-32): Abandon all hope ye who baseball here. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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  1. 8 game winning streaks do a lot for teams. Had four of them in 2005. Including one very magical 8 game streak in October


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