Friday, June 15, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 10

And here come the Yankees.

Having won six in a row and nine of their last ten, the Yankees now lay claim to the best record in the American League. Meanwhile, the team that's been on top the power rankings all season, the Rangers, have fallen back to third in the American League standings.

But have the Yankees replaced Texas atop the power rankings?


1. Texas Rangers (37-27): The Yankees and Orioles may now have better records than the Rangers, but the Rangers are still better than both of those teams in every other category I use for these rankings. So even though their lead in the AL West has shrunk to only 3 games, their lead in these rankings is still pretty formidable. (1)

2. New York Yankees (37-25): Like the White Sox found out before them, winning a lot of games in the row will help you climb up only as high as second in these rankings. However, it should be pointed out that the Yankees are now closer to the Rangers in these rankings as far as points are concerned as any team has been so far this year. (4)

3. Chicago White Sox (34-29): The White Sox only fall to third this week despite going 2-4, but their lead on the teams behind them is pretty miniscule. It's basically a Gavin Floyd start away from falling down to fifth or maybe even sixth. (2)

4. Baltimore Orioles (37-26): While they're not as hot as the Yankees, the Orioles decided to go 5-1 this week and yell "SO YOU STILL THINK WE AREN'T FOR REAL?' at me. First of all, there's no need to yell, Baltimore. I was only giving my opinion, and why you care so much I just don't know. Second of all, I'm starting to think you just might be, yes. (5)

5. Los Angeles Angels (34-30): Maybe the key for Los Angeles was putting Jered Weaver on the disabled list? I don't know, but even though their ace has been shelved the Angels are playing their best baseball of the season, going 5-1 this week to climb up two spots. (7)

6. Tampa Bay Rays (35-28): The Rays didn't have a terrible week, but with so many teams playing so well this week -- unlike last week when only two teams had winning records -- a mediocre week is going to cause you to drop. You have the National League to blame for this, Tampa. (3)

7. Boston Red Sox (31-32): Boston only won two games this week, and I had the "pleasure" of being in attendance for one of them. Seriously, I've always known Boston fans travel well, but I've never seen nearly as many of them at The Cell as I did in Miami on Monday. Good god. I may want to scratch Fenway off my list of places I'd like to see a game. (8)

8. Toronto Blue Jays (31-32): Toronto had a terrible week, going 1-5, and they're paying for it here. While the rest of the AL has been feasting on NL competition, Toronto got a couple of good teams in Atlanta and Washington to deal with and all they got for it was Bryce Harper hitting 900-foot home runs and explaining to the world what a clown question is and isn't. (6)

9. Cleveland Indians (32-30): Hello, Indians fan who has been giving me crap over these rankings. Is reality starting to sink in yet? I kept trying to tell you it isn't personal. It's just that aside from your record, you aren't good at anything. Yes, you took two of three against St. Louis, which the Sox couldn't do, but then you got clobbered by Cincinnati for three games. You've been outscored by 31 runs this season! This is not a good thing! (9)

10. Detroit Tigers (30-33): The Tigers went 4-2 this week and are creeping closer to the White Sox in the standings. This is not a good thing, either. I wish I could just write this off by saying taking two of three from the Cubs isn't something to be proud of, but the Tigers also took two of three from the Reds. I'm not sure how much longer they're going to be behind Cleveland in these rankings. (10)

11. Oakland Athletics (29-35):  After being one of only two teams with winning records last week, the A's managed to go 3-3 this week. Sadly for them being just above mediocre isn't good enough to climb anywhere in these rankings. Particularly when you have one of the worst offenses in the league. (11)

12. Kansas City Royals (27-34): The Royals move up a spot this week, but it's not so much for anything they did as for what Seattle did. Still, I don't think the Royals will mind. Being so close to the Twins can have terrible consequences for any team, so having Seattle as a buffer zone makes them a little bit safer. (13)

13. Seattle Mariners (27-38): Here's Seattle's week: A six-person no hitter and five losses. So if Seattle wants to start winning more games all it has to do is keep throwing no hitters.

14. Minnesota Twins (25-37): Yep, still fucking terrible. (14)

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