Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Sox 8 Indians 1: Drama Not Needed

This is the best kind of game to recap. The White Sox jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning, just like they did on Tuesday, only this time the Sox didn't stop there. They'd add 6 more runs in the fourth inning to put this one to bed early.

The scoring started with Adam Dunn's two-run homer in the first. It was his tenth of the season.

This is where we point out that Adam Dunn had 11 home runs in all of 2011. So, yeah, safe to assume he's back to normal now.

Speaking of guys getting back to their old selves, Jake Peavy continues to relive the 2007 season that saw him win a Cy Young. The Sox gave him all the run support in the world, but part of me wishes they'd saved those runs for a night when anybody other than Peavy was pitching.

Jake doesn't need your run support. Give him a run or two and he's good to go.

Peavy lasted 7 innings tonight, allowing only 1 run. He's now 4-1 on the year with an ERA of 1.89 and 44 strikeouts to go with only 7 walks.

If he isn't your leading candidate for the AL Cy Young right now, I don't know who is.

The Sox get the day off on Thursday, and hopefully that day off will bring only good news or no news at all for Chris Sale. After that it's a quick five-game homestand against Kansas City and Detroit starting Friday.


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