Monday, May 14, 2012

White Sox 7 Tigers 5: Covering Up For Danks' Mistakes

Listen, there was a ton to like about this game. The fact that the White Sox came back from an early 3-0 deficit and then a 5-2 deficit in this game to not only take down the team that is supposed to be the best in the division, but to do so at home, is fantastic.

The fact they did this thanks to yet another home run by Adam Dunn and 4 RBI from Dayan Viciedo makes it even better.

Especially when we've seen this same game roughly 60 times over the last few years, and this team would normally just lay down and "get em tomorrow."

These are all wonderful things.

Seriously, they're awesome.

What you should not let this game do, though, is allow you to forget about the terrible performance from John Danks. John has laid a lot of eggs this season, but after his last start, optimism was allowed to creep in. It led us to think that maybe he'd turned a corner, but even then we ignored the warning signs.

Even in his last start when he allowed only 2 runs in 7 innings, he still walked 3 batters while striking out only 1. The Indians were hitting John Danks that day, they were just hitting the ball at people.

On Monday the Tigers weren't hitting the ball at people, and too many times they didn't have to hit the ball at all. Danks had his worst outing of the season, lasting only 3 innings and giving up 5 runs on 9 hits and 3 walks.

He threw 80 pitches in those 3 innings, only 42 of which were strikes.

Up, down, in or out, Danks proved that he was capable of missing anywhere he wanted. And it's hard to blame him for missing so often, as every time he finds the plate the pitch tends to get hit hard somewhere.

His velocity is down. His location is off. He can't strike anybody out, whiffing only 4.94 batters per nine innings.

All the warning signs are there. Something is wrong with John Danks, but we don't know what it is.

Maybe it's time Don Cooper and Robin Ventura began worrying about Danks instead of Chris Sale.


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