Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Sox 7 Indians 2: The Indians Infield Circus Is In Town!

This was a night that was just meant to be strange. It started with a rain delay, which, while not weird in and of itself, seems to have a tendency to lead to strange moments.

Which there were plenty of on Tuesday night.

First let's start with the brilliant act that was the Cleveland infield defense. On three separate occasions the Indians infield allowed an infield pop-up to drop without being caught. Sure, one time could be blamed on the Smoke Monster encompassing the stadium following some post-home run fireworks, but the other two?

That was just plain old incompetence.

And I didn't even mention the ground ball right at Asdrubal Cabrera he forgot to field, or Jason Kipnis forgetting to cover second on one play and forgetting to tag Alex Rios on a stolen base on another.

Most people would describe Cleveland's infield defense on Tuesday night as "bush league." I would not. I will not insult the integrity of the bush league in such a callous manner.

No, that was some t-ball shit right there. Jason Kipnis' family was in the stands tonight, and you just know his mom was yelling "It's okay, baby! You'll get 'em next time!" "Good job, baby! Mommy loves you!"

As crazy as Cleveland's defense was, things got even stranger in other areas.

For instance, Gordon Beckham went 3-for-4 and hit his first home run of the season. He killed a fastball on a 3-1 count in his first at bat, and then hit two bloop singles to right in his next two at bats.

So I'm pretty sure aliens have taken over his body. We don't know for sure yet, but it's a story we'll keep track of over the coming weeks.

Then there was Chris Sale, who was his typical Sale self. The only difference was Robin seemed more eager to take him out of the game. Whether it was because of the rain delay or high pitch counts in previous starts, Sale pitched only 6 innings on Tuesday night and threw 88 pitches. He easily could have gone a seventh, or maybe even an eighth, but Ventura saw no reason for it.

As for the guy that Ventura still has total faith in as his closer, Hector Santiago, our closer got his first week since blowing the save last week. It's just tonight he came in with the White Sox holding a 7-2 lead.

He then managed to load the bases before finally getting the final out.

I don't want to hold this against Santiago, because he had a week off, and his pitches weren't terrible, but I'm not enjoying the signals he's sending.



  1. I like RV pulling Sale after 88 pitches. the longer into the season he can go, the better.

  2. Also, what kind of awesome bender is NotHawk on? He hasn't posted in over 2 weeks.

    1. He's on vacation. He'll be back on Friday.


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