Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White Sox 6 Twins 0: Chris Sale Is Twins Proof

First, let me start off by saying that I really wanted Orlando Hudson to have a huge night in this game, possibly even supplying the game-winning hit. All so I could title the post "O-Dog Day's Night" but sometimes fate can be a real dick and screw things up.

What fate can not screw up, however, was the prophecy that one day the one true pitcher would ride into Chicago. The one called The Twinslayer, and on this night, the prophecy that was foretold came to fruition.

Chris Sale doesn't care who the team he's facing is, or what they've done to the White Sox in the past. They've never done a damn thing to Chris Sale, and they sure weren't going to do anything to him tonight.

Sale went 7 innings, allowing only 2 hits and striking out 6. He was also able to work quicker in this start, throwing only 97 pitches in his 7 innings.

The offense was supplied by the middle of the order, as Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, Alex Rios and A.J. Pierzynski drove in 5 of the team's 6 runs, with Orlando Hudson bringing in the final tally.

Rios also hit his first home run since the second game of the season when he took Joe Nathan deep in the ninth inning.

Then there was Paul Konerko, who hit his ninth of the year in the seventh inning, and finished the night 3-for-4. That brings his average up to .381 and puts him in first place in the American League ahead of Josh Hamilton.

The man just keeps getting better and better the older he gets, even when you keep hitting him in the face.



  1. 0.500 record and we beat the Twins?


    1. Well they get Cole DeVries making his major league debut tonight, and we all know the Sox glorious history against pitchers they have never seen before. Should be another lost series AT HOME.


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