Sunday, May 20, 2012

White Sox 6 Cubs 0: The BP Cup Is Ours Once Again

The White Sox have tried a variety of offenses in the last two seasons. Last year saw the rise of the Wild Pitch Offense, that while exciting, wasn't the most consistent style of play, and was too dependent on the opposing pitcher and catcher.

Then earlier this week the Sox broke out the Pop Up Offense once again, previously dormant since a night at The Cell against Cleveland earlier this season. The Pop Up Offense is fun because it gives us a reason to laugh at opposing teams, but like the Wild Pitch Offense, it has limitations.

It's generally a lot more useful on sunny, cloudless days, or after home runs in which firework smoke engulfs the infield.

This weekend against the Cubs, the Sox tried out a new scheme called the Solo Shot Offense. In three games against the Cubs, the White Sox hit 8 home runs. Of those blasts, 6 were of the solo variety.

The White Sox won all three games, outscoring the Cubs 16-6 in the process.

Coincidence? I think not!

The glory of the Solo Shot Offense is that it's entirely dependent on you. It doesn't matter the weather conditions, the park, or the pitcher. All the Sox have to do is hit a home run with nobody on base for it to work.

Making it even better is that when the Sox mess up, and hit a home run with runners on base, it still works to their benefit.

The game of baseball is being reinvented in front of our very eyes, Sox fans.

The Sox will take a day off on Monday, and it's likely that Robin Ventura, Mark Parent and Jeff Manto will make tweaks to this new creation of theirs in that time. These creations will then be tested against the pitching staff of the Minnesota Twins. A staff all too accommodating when it comes to allowing home runs.

They will then take what they learn, and apply it to the Solo Shot Offense for the future.

For the Solo Shot Offense is beautiful, forever evolving, and it just won the first of what should be many trophies on Sunday afternoon at Wrigley.

Look out baseball, the White Sox are coming for you.


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  1. Is it too early to start talking about a BP Cup dynasty? THREE IN A ROW! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!


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