Saturday, May 5, 2012

White Sox 3 Tigers 2: Adam Dunn Returns The Favor

On Friday night it was Jhonny Peralta putting the cherry on the shit sundae that had been the White Sox day with a walk-off home run to give the Tigers a win. On Saturday it was Adam Dunn who took that cherry and sent it somewhere in the vicinity of the moon to return the favor.

Dunn's two-run homer in the ninth inning off of Jose Valverde was listed at 422 feet, but there's no way in hell that ball traveled only 422 feet. I think whoever is in charge of home run distance at Comerica Park just didn't want to make Valverde cry.

Whatever the distance, all that really mattered were the two runs it put on the board and the win it gave the Sox on a day when the bats couldn't do much of anything against Max Scherzer.

Of course, the soap opera that is the White Sox bullpen had to make things interesting in the bottom of the ninth. Robin Ventura gave the ball to Hector Santiago even though Ventura has already said Santiago will move to middle relief once Chris Sale becomes the closer next week.

Addison Reed? We'll just let him collect dust in the bullpen.

That is until Detroit manages a couple of hits against Santiago and finds itself with the winning run on second base with two outs. Then AND ONLY THEN will Robin summon the kid that was supposed to be the closer of the future but is not the closer of White Sox purgatory.

All Reed did was strike out Austin Jackson with ease to end the game. No fuss, no drama, just straight bullets.

None of this would have been possible, however, without yet another wonderful performance from Gavin Floyd. Floyd didn't get credit for the win, but he did go 7 innings and allow only 2 runs while striking out 6 and walking nobody. Now that Chris Sale is on some kind of watercraft to the bullpen, Floyd is basically the second best pitcher in the starting rotation.

Which is fine as long as he continues to pitch like he did on Saturday.


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  1. Why is Reed collecting dust like this? I thought he and Santiago were neck and neck in the closer showdown in ST. Seems like he's earned a shot.


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