Friday, May 18, 2012

White Sox 3 Cubs 2: That Was Physical, Wasn't It?

Why am I not a fan of this series? Well, let's just say I don't like seeing things get as intense as they do for a three-game series in May. Which is exactly what happened on Friday afternoon.

Paul Konerko got drilled in the face, Gordon Beckham tackled David DeJesus at second base, and Phil Humber had to throw a pitch behind Bryan LaHair.

Do I think Samardzija hit Konerko on purpose? I don't know. Earlier this season Jason Heyward homered off of Samardzija and Samardzija later hit Heyward in the shoulder in the same game. Today Konerko homered, and in his next at bat he was drilled in the face.

Does that mean it was intentional? Maybe not the contact, but here's reality: Samardzija was trying to throw up an in. He was doing it quite a bit in this game, and when you do that, if you miss, you run the risk of hitting a guy in the face.

Which Samardzija did.

So to see him get upset and bark at Humber from the dugout after he threw behind LaHair is laughable.

Humber didn't hit LaHair. You hit Konerko in the face. Be mad at yourself, not Humber.

Anyway, it was nice to see Gordon Beckham hit a home run off Samardzija later in the game to settle this one, and as Hawk and Stoney mentioned during the game, Gordon seemed a bit fired up after Konerko got drilled.

The tackle of DeJesus. The home run. He wanted it. He got it.

Also, don't be surprised if Jake Peavy drills somebody on Sunday.

Round two is tomorrow night. Let's hope nobody gets hurt, and that Paul Konerko doesn't miss a lot of time. That's really the only thing I truly care about.


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