Monday, May 28, 2012

White Sox 2 Rays 1: Chris Sale Struck Out Four Guys While I Wrote This Headline

Chris Sale sat in the dugout the last few days and saw his fellow pitchers giving up a ton of runs and watching the team's ERA rise and decided he needed to put an end to the trend.

And boy did he.

Sale set a record for most strikeouts in the history of Tropicana Field by striking out 15 hitters on Monday afternoon. The only inning he pitched in which he didn't strike out at least two batters was the seventh inning, and that's only because he one hitter before being removed from the game.

Joe Maddon put out a lineup of right handers to counter him, and it didn't matter. Chris mowed them down one after the other.

Sadly, it looked like Sale might lose the game anyway, as the Sox trailed 1-0 after four innings and Tampa's Matt Moore was striking out nearly as many White Sox.

But then Adam Dunn happened.

Once again Dunn hit a home run that was only stopped by the wall behind the right field seats. It was such a blast that Hawk Harrelson could barely speak English while calling it, instead letting out a guttural "hhwaaaaaaaa THAT BALL HIT DEEP!"

The only other real drama in this game came in the ninth inning when Paul Konerko was able to extend his hit streak to 14 games with a bloop single into right field.

So the Sox have now won six games in a row, and are now 27-22 on the season. Which is awesome, but seven in a row would be better. It won't be easy, as James Shields starts for Tampa tomorrow, but the way this team has been playing I'm not going to rule it out.


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