Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 7 Hitters Poll: So Many Points

The man is hitting damn near .400, and he's been hitting over .500 for the past week, so it's not exactly a surprise that Paul Konerko is atop the rankings.

Still, just because there isn't any mystery as to who the best hitter on this team is, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of reason to check out this week's poll. No, the odds are we won't see a week with as many points scored by so many different players again this season.

So enjoy this while you can.

1Paul Konerko 221 1 32
2Adam Dunn 179 2 22
3A.J. Pierzynski 178 3 38
4Alejandro De Aza 171 4 33
5Alex Rios 143 5 48
6Dayan Viciedo 123 848
7Gordon Beckham 113 628
8Alexei Ramirez99 7 17
9Brent Morel 33 9 0
10Tyler Flowers 19 10 2
10Orlando Hudson 19 NA 19
12Brent Lillibridge 16 12 3
13Kosuke Fukudome  15 11 0
14Eduardo Escobar 6 13 -1

I mean, look at it. A 25-point week is a pretty good week for anybody. If you get to 30, well, you're likely on one of the hottest tears you'll have this season.

This week the Sox had seven players break the 25 point mark, with five exceeding 30.

This is what happens when you're scoring 10 runs a game.

Alex Rios and Dayan Viciedo led the way with 48 point weeks, but what's truly remarkable is that two weeks ago, Viciedo had only 41 points. He exceeded his point total through the first four weeks in just one week and has scored 82 of his 123 points in the last two weeks.

Of course, it's not all good news. The fact that Orlando Hudson is tied with Tyler Flowers for the lead amongst all the reserves isn't something to be proud of, but it's a very good indicator of how terrible the Sox bench has been for the most part.

What will be sadder is if Hudson passes Brent Morel before he gets back from the disabled list.

Last week's poll can be found here.

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