Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 6 Pitchers Poll: Peavy Pulling Away

It's May 22nd and I feel confident saying that barring an injury or a month from hell, there's no way Jake Peavy is going to give up the top spot in these rankings for the rest of the season. No, it seems that everybody else is playing for second place.

Peavy already had a pretty big lead on Gavin Floyd after Week 5, and all he did this week was expand that lead by another 14 points.

Just look at this.

1Jake Peavy 107 1 15
2Gavin Floyd 75 2 1
3Chris Sale 62 3 11
4Phil Humber 42 4 7
5John Danks 34 5 12
6Nathan Jones 32 711
7Addison Reed 26 54
8Hector Santiago 23 7 2
8Matt Thornton 23 9 3
10Jesse Crain 19 10 3
11Zach Stewart 11 11 -2
12Jose Quintana 7 12 0
12Eric Stults 7 120
14Dylan Axelrod 6 14 0
15Will Ohman 0 15-5

Peavy has 107 points this season. The bullpen has 134 points combined, and if you remove Nathan Jones, Peavy has outscored the entire bullpen. Chris Sale and Phil Humber could combine their numbers on the season and they would still trail Peavy as well.

Keep in mind that, on the whole, Sox pitching has been pretty good this season. That's just how well Peavy has pitched.

The best news this week, though, is seeing John Danks finish with the second highest point total. I'd like to see that a lot more over the coming months.

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