Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 6 Hitters Poll: Return Of The King

After yielding to Adam Dunn for the first time all season last week, Paul Konerko decided it was time he climbed back to the top of the Hitters Power Poll this week. Turns out he was just being a team-player by letting someone else experience greatness for seven days.

What's amazing about this is how Konerko missed the majority of the weekend with that black eye Jeff Samardzija gave him on Friday afternoon. It should also be pointed out that Konerko leads Dunn by the slimmest of margins, so if he continues to miss time because of his eye, odds are he won't be on top again next week.

1Paul Konerko 158 2 32
2Adam Dunn 157 1 22
3A.J. Pierzynski 140 4 32
4Alejandro De Aza 138 3 14
5Alex Rios 95 5 10
6Gordon Beckham 85 724
7Alexei Ramirez 82 69
8Dayan Viciedo75 8 34
9Brent Morel 33 9 3
10Tyler Flowers 17 13 11
11Kosuke Fukudome  15 10 0
12Brent Lillibridge 13 11 3
13Eduardo Escobar 7 12 0

Now, this week was much better for the entire team overall. While only two Sox players scored 20 points in Week 5, five of  them did this week: Konerko, Dunn, A.J. Pierzynski, Gordon Beckham and Dayan Viciedo.

Viciedo scored more than anybody with 34, but his first five weeks were so bad that not even a 34-point week could get him out of the eighth spot.

Gordon Beckham, on the other hand, used a 24-point week to pass Alexei Ramirez in the rankings. So maybe it's time Gordon was no longer considered our glove-only middle infielder.

Tyler Flowers also used one very strong game against the Cubs to jump from last place to tenth.

What will be interesting to see is how long it take Orlando Hudson to overcome the bench players before him.

Last week's poll can be found here.

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