Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 5 Pitchers Power Poll: The Trials And Tribulations Of Matt Thornton

Two weeks ago I was writing about how starters like Phil Humber and John Danks were in trouble because they found themselves ranked behind Matt Thornton. Something that really shouldn't happen considering how many more innings they've pitched.

Since then Danks and Humber haven't really done anything to climb up the ranks, but Matt Thornton is on a race toward the bottom. After falling from fourth to seventh last week, Thornton drops from seventh to ninth this week.

If he's passed by Jose Quintana this week, we're in some deep shit.

1Jake Peavy 92 1 13
2Gavin Floyd 74 2 14
3Chris Sale 51 3 2
4Phil Humber 35 5 12
5John Danks 22 6 0
5Addison Reed 22 4-2
7Nathan Jones 21 109
7Hector Santiago 21 9 7
9Matt Thornton 20 7 1
10Jesse Crain 16 8 0
11Zach Stewart 13 11 5
12Jose Quintana 7 12 0
12Eric Stults 7 131
14Dylan Axelrod 6 13 0
15Will Ohman 5 13-1

Now, while it was a bad week for Matty, Nathan Jones had a very solid week out of the bullpen, and Hector Santiago has responded well to losing the closer role. Addison Reed would have likely moved up if not for his abysmal inning against Kansas City on Sunday.

Last week's poll can be found here.

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