Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 3 Pitchers Power Poll: The Position Where We're Actually Good

Much like in the Hitters Power Poll, this one is quickly becoming a bit of a one-horse race, as Jake Peavy continues to hold a big lead over second place. Unlike the hitters, however, other members of the pitching staff are actually trying to catch up to him.

This week's biggest climber was actually Gavin Floyd. How far did he climb? Well, you're going to have to keep reading to find out. I'm not just going to tell you. That would be stupid.

So here are this week's rankings.

1Jake Peavy 67 1 13
2Gavin Floyd 47 5 28
3Chris Sale 39 3 11
4Matt Thornton 27 5 8
5Phil Humber 26 2 -3
6John Danks 22 4-2
6Addison Reed 22 74
8Jesse Crain 16 8 0
9Hector Santiago  10 9 -4
10Nathan Jones 9 10 2
11Zach Stewart 5 11 3
11Will Ohman 5 12 3
13Dylan Axelrod 2 NANA

Now, let's get to the area of concern.

As I've mentioned in the past, these rankings are definitely weighted to help out pitchers who are pitching more innings. In other words, the starters.

So the fact that Matt Thornton is ranked ahead of both John Danks and Phil Humber is not a good thing. Now, this is largely due to both Danks and Humber having bad starts and not a large enough sample size this season to support it.

Still, it's not exactly good, either.

Last week's poll can be found here.

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