Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twins 9 White Sox 2: Twins'd

Tonight was a perfect storm of Twins Game, where all the elements came together against the White Sox. The most important element being the Twins.

White Sox kryptonite.

But there was also Gavin Floyd who had been 4-10 with a 5.67 ERA against the Twins in his career. He found a way to make those numbers worse tonight.

There was a four-game win streak that had fans riding high, and there's nothing the Twins love to do more than dash the hopes and smiles of White Sox fans.

Before all of this there was the funeral for Kevin Hickey. An event that even Paul Konerko admitted after the game was emotionally draining.

It all came together on a Tuesday night at The Cell -- The Cell! Another element conspiring against the White Sox! -- where the team with the worst record in baseball was able to shed that distinction with a 9-2 win over the White Sox.

Honestly, I stopped watching the moment Justin Morneau's three-run homer cleared the fence in right field. Though, to my credit, I had known the game was headed for that outcome long before it got there -- see here and here -- but I stuck to it anyway.

Apparently I missed Zach Stewart and Will Ohman coming on to shut down the mighty Twins offense. Good for them.

No matter what they did, though, nothing would be able to stop this from being a Twins game. And we still have two more to go.



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  1. Sox fans need to get over the jersey of the team on the other side of diamond and deal with the fact that the Sox, a middle of the road team, will beat some shitty teams (Cubs) and lose to some shitty teams (Twins).

    Once home wins become a tie breaker for division titles (or in this years case 3rd place) will I get worked up about how the Sox play at home.


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