Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tigers 10 White Sox 8: Eight Run Innings Will Kill You

How awesome would it have been if Dayan Viciedo's deep fly ball in the bottom of the ninth inning had carried just a few more feet and landed in the Bullpen Sports Bar?

Wouldn't it have been great to see Viciedo mobbed at home plate after giving the White Sox an 11-10 victory after overcoming a 10-6 deficit in the bottom of the ninth? Only a day after the Sox came back to beat Detroit on Monday thanks in large part to a Dayan Viciedo home run and single.

It would have been sweet.

You know what would have been sweeter?

Holding on to the 6-0 lead the White Sox had in the first place.

Not allowing the Tigers to score 8 runs in the sixth inning and then 2 more in the seventh.

That would have been the greatest.

Though I'm not going to be upset with Jake Peavy about his start today. He's been as close to perfect as a starting pitcher can get -- he came into the game second in the AL in WAR, trailing only Josh Hamilton -- in this day and age, and he was due to have a bad day at some point.

He didn't even have a bad day on Tuesday, he just had one terrible inning.

Which was only exacerbated by Will Ohman, who has been exacerbating things all season long. I won't lie and tell you I'd rather it was Will Ohman getting DFA'd on Tuesday and not Eric Stults, even if I get the reasoning and thinking behind the decision.

That said, the next time I see Will Ohman come out of the bullpen will be too soon.

The Sox now head to Los Angeles for two days before coming back to Chicago to play the Cubs in what MLB schedulers call a "Fuck You" road trip.

Which means if you own Albert Pujols in your fantasy leagues, don't worry, the end is near.



  1. Ohman continues to exacerbate the problem of White Sox pitching of unable to get outs in high leverage situations. How an entire pitching staff can be so bad when it matters is baffling.

  2. A little more digging uncovered this fun little stat:
    The only reliever that performs better in high leverage situations than league average and their own performance in lower leverage situations (Small sample sizes excluded)?

    You guessed it: Addison Reed. Literally Addison Reed is the only reliever that the Sox have that is better in high pressure situations. Jones has been good too, but only 5 high leverage PAs so far.


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